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You have selected the BirdDog membership level.

As a birddog you are being contracted to be our eyes and ears. Your role is to take photos of boarded up properties and send those photos to our company. You will receive an instruction email with more details on exactly how to take the photos and how to send them to us shortly. You will also receive an email containing your membership number and instructions on how to login.

We Only Pay through Paypal and we pay once a month

We Pay out at three different stages 1.- Interested 2.- Pre Close 3 - Post Closing.

If we are interested we will pay you $20.00

If the property makes it beyond our due diligence and we decide to move forward towards purchasing it you are now in the pre close stage and you get paid again.

At the pre-close stage we pay you $125.00

Once we have completed closing on the property you will now receive a post closing pay out.

At the post-closing stage we pay you $355.00.

We Pay out on the 10th of every month.

Please log into to see how much funds have accumulated and will be deposited into your Paypal

The price for membership is $50.00 per Month.

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